World-Class Pet Clothes

How We Got Started

Our mother company, Posh Int'l , started in the year 2000 from making stationery items to girl clothing. We've now released a clothing line for some of the most beloved members of our family, our pets. Our designer is very creative and passionate about animals and so she began designing fashionable clothing for our lovely pets. Each pet dress is hand made with care and comfortable high quality material, only the best for our furry friends.

Personally, our designer has many pets from dogs to rabbits to fish to turtles. During our designers childhood, her family owned many different types of animals (various types of dogs & birds) her house was like an animal kingdom! This gave her passion and made it possible for her to work with the animals she so dearly loves. Pawpatu loves animals so much and we want each of your pets to look beautiful and fashionable. No matter what type of  pet you have, any animal can wear our beautiful dresses. Your pet will look so stunning, beautiful, elegant and posh. It is worth the money to dress your pet with Pawpatu clothing.  Each of our furry friends is like baby, we care and love them. We appreciate our pets and hold them close to our hearts.

We want your pets looking amazing and beautiful each day!